When is the best time of year to visit Sardinia and what can I expect from the tourist season?

Sardinia has a mild short winter and a long hot dry summer and seems to experience a second spring in October when plants and flowers return from the summer heat.

The year-round good weather allows plenty of outdoor activities both on the coast and inland: from mountain biking in the wild hills to kite surfing in the crystal clear sea or simply relaxing on the warm sand of your favourite beach this makes the island suitable for year-round activities and even though much more popular during summer due to the amazing beaches there is growing out-of-season tourism devoted to activities like hiking and mountain biking.

The best times to view properties in Sardinia are the spring and the autumn periods when temperatures are mild or pleasantly warm. March to June and September till the end of December are advisable.

Having said that even winter months of January and February can be warm and sunny if you get lucky.

We do not recommend viewings during August, it can be very hot and as this is the holiday period for most Italians, both agents and owners often down tools and are unavailable especially the closer to the middle of august during Ferragosto (the main Italian national holiday).

If you want to combine house hunting with a beach holiday then June to July is a perfect time, fewer tourists, cleaner beaches and warm clear water.