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Property Finder service

If you are you looking to buy a property in Sardinia, our property finder service aims to help you to use effectively your time. We ensure you are seeing all the properties on sale in the Sardinian market. We accompany you to viewing properties with an English speaking consultant and provide free interpreter services.

Searching for suitable properties close to home can be a time-consuming chore, let alone in another country.  Add in a market you don’t know and a language you’re not familiar with, and it can quickly consume all of your available free time.  To help you to make the most of your time while you are visiting Sardinia, we offer you our premium service, that includes previewing on your behalf any property you have seen on the market, so you can avoid having to fly here to Sardinia each time an interesting property appears on the market or cram into too many viewings during your stay.

Standard Free Property Finder Service

With our standard property finder service, we’ll personally search the market for properties that match your criteria, that we’ve established through one on one discussions with you. When you do decide to visit we can arrange to accompany you to viewings and provide guidance, interpreter services and much more.

Property Previewing  Premium Service
The Property Previewing service is a very valuable service for buyers who are not resident here in Sardinia and need to fly here in Sardinia each time an interesting property appears on the market. We perform a preliminary viewing on your behalf to take further photos,  even video conferencing onsite and a report: listing the good and bad so you really know if a property is worth visiting in person.

Other additional premium services: are Orientation Tours and Translations.

Orientation Tours
Take a tour of the locations you’re interested in, check travel distances and that local amenities are just right for you.

Translation service
Document and contract translation and organising for notorisation of translated documents so they can be used in Italy.

By choosing our service you ensure you get value for your time as well as value for your money:

  • Providing you with local knowledge of Sardinia.
  • Removing the language barrier by being your translator.
  • Acting as a one-stop shop for all your property needs. No more dealing with multiple agencies and even if you find a property we don’t have listed, we’ll be happy to contact the agency on your behalf.
  • Making detailed inspections of properties on your behalf before you arrive in Sardinia, reducing any unexpected surprises when you arrive.
  • Helping you with any bureaucratic requirements and documentation involved.
  • Our service is extremely flexible. We charge a simple base fee for our finder service and you can choose if you need any of our other services when we’ve found just the right property for you..
  • If you subscribe to the premium service there is no minimum contract period and you can cancel at any time without penalties.
  • As your local property search agent, we aim to bridge the culture/language gap and ensure that you see everything on the market that matches your requirements.

How our service works –
Property finders offer a tailor-made service working closely with buyers from the beginning of the process, listening to exactly what each client wants and making sure they understand everything. The property finder service is free to buyers because our fee comes from the commission you will pay to the selling agent. It is the selling agent that share their commission with the property finder consultant. Choosing us as one-stop shop you will create a synergy and get a better service, an hassle-free process at no extra cost.

Research stage
Firstly, we’ll discuss in depth your personal requirements, establish what you want and perhaps more importantly what you don’t want.

Discovery stage
Then, we’ll search our extensive database of agents and contacts for properties that match closely with your needs and we’ll send you a shortlist of any properties that we think might be of interest to you.

If you wish will then personally view any properties you like the look of, take additional photos and provide you with a report listing the good and bad points of each property.

Viewing Stage
Once we have found some properties that match your needs it’s time for you to come to Sardinia and see the properties for yourself. We can accompany you on viewings and if need be we can liaise with local agents to help you negotiate and ensure that everything is clear and that there are no hidden surprises.

When it comes the time for you to view the properties in person, you’ll be better informed and save time seeing only those properties that really match your requirements.

Remember, because we work exclusively for YOU and not for the seller, you can be assured that you’re getting the honest truth about each property we propose and when it comes to making an offer we can negotiate on your behalf to get YOU the best possible deal without any nasty surprises.

If you’d like to speak to Ajò regarding our property finder services and help in finding your perfect property in Sardinia then call us directly to talk about your specific requirements on the following number +39 340 966 5468 or register below. We will handpick a selection of properties that closely meet your requirements.

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